• A new clutch design cost me my finger prints

    So, the blog… I have a degree in Creative Writing, yet this seems daunting, trying to find something to write that I think everyone on the internet might want to read. Ha Ha, who am I kidding? The only people who will find their way to my shop will probably be nerds and science fiction geeks, just like me!

    Today, I just about burnt off my finger prints while ironing a new clutch design. It would be perfect if I were planning to steal the Lassiter!*

    I have been listening to books on my iPod while I work, and have anyone of you listened to Mark Tufo’s zombie novels? His narrator sounds just like Ray Romano caught up in the zombie apocalypse.

    So, what about this new Doctor? I love his eyebrows! I miss David Tennant and Matt Smith, but it is a cycle. I know I am not the only one who doesn’t like the “new” Doctor, only to fall in love with him and cry when he regenerates.

    *A nugget for you Firefly fans, and it was a Blue Sun clutch!



  • HA HA I fixed that little @#$* box for good.

    Okay, I fixed that annoying box, I just deleted it. Don't ask why that NEVER occured to me before. I also made a few changes to my site, and put up the monkey picture my friend Jackie Judy drew for me. Yes, the red tie and fez are a Dr. Who reference.

    Now I am going to my factory, (really just a small room with one window of our large naked tree in the backyard) to create something awesome.


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  • I have realized that...

    I am NOT a computer genius, and am unsure of that the big gray empty block with the quotation marks is even suppost to be on the home page. I am a crafty genius, and the computer genius who we will call "Chewbacca" is sleeping. Perhaps I need to make a computer genius friend...but for now I am going to go create something.

    On the messenger bag side, my tags are shipped and should be here in a few days so the production of messenger bags will resume shortly. Oh, and my new Dr. Who material shipped as well. Get ready for a dalek invasion!



  • Franken-bag and Napping

    Does everyone nap like a cat after graduation? Or, is it just me? I have been napping in between frantic bouts of creative genius. I have made 20 iPad covers, 20 kindle fire/nook tablet covers, four messenger bags, and 100 washable/reuseable swiffer dusters. Am I the only one tired of wasting money and creating waste? The swiffer company has us by the short hairs, but I say "no more" and will be selling these awesome fleece eco-friendly dusters.

    The messenger bag idea seemed great when first envisioned, but it took me 4-5 proto disasters to find my groove. So I actually made, then tore apart 4 messenger bags before the 4 that are actually to my liking. Either the pattern did not like me or I did not like it, so I finally broke down and designed my own, frankenstein-ing one out of all the patterns I used. Out of those four, the first was mine with a nice Starry Night Tardis flap. The second had already been claimed by a good friend, we will call him Davis. He had chosen the exploding Tardis for his flap. The third I had ordered minecraft material for the flap and it seemed fitting to shrink my design to a more child friendly size. Before I was half-way done sewing this one together, my son, we will call him Captain Minecraft for this blog, (seriously if building in minecraft were an Olympic sport, my son would be a world champ) had laid his unwavering claim to the bag. By the time I was finished, he was sorting out his things to fill it. He calls it his satchel, yes, like Indiana Jones and Chewbacca. The fourth bag, which will be up in a listing, is a nice-Godzilla stomping through a neighborhood near you-flap, in black and white. Right now, I have two more cut out, ready to sew, another Dr. Who design, and a girly bird one.

    On a side note, one of the company’s hosting a craft fair I am hoping to attend has a rule that you must have tablecloths that reach the floor on all four sides of your display table. Me, being cheap and crafty, decided to sew my own, easy right? The static has been building in the material I am using, to the point of shocking me inside my head through the ear buds I have been wearing. Even worse, I went to turn on a light and got shocked so hard I am surprised a circuit breaker didn't trip. I should possibly change out of my fleece pajamas, but really I have no place to go and being dressed to nap is convient.



  • Now that I have graduated, what to do, what to do?

    I’ve finished school, made it through the graduation ceremony without tripping in front of hundreds of people, and now I’m slowly getting to post a few new jewelry ideas and products. I have been a little swamped with orders for the Christmas rush, craft fairs, and helping to build a lego starwars AT-ST. Slowly things have been making their way to this site. I’ve added a new item, a lovely little heart that says loved, but it could say a name, or another small word. Almost any of what I make can be personalized with just a few emails so I know what your idea entails. Now, the next idea is snowboarding bandit masks, I’m unsure of what the real name is. Maybe I will find the time to Google that…or if anyone reading this knows what they are called, leave me a comment.



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